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Correct and updated information is vital in a competitive market. Please take a moment to update your hotel information in order to provide the most accurate information to your guests.

Please take into consideration that the rates provided for Hotel Express International should at all times be the best rates available. Our rates are based on expected availability and to compensate for this restriction, it is imperative that we can offer our members the lowest rate available.

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After becoming a Hotel Express International partner hotel, we were pleasantly surprised with the professional and customer focused HEI team.

Clients are always put in the first place, kept up to date with their needs anticipated and taken care of.

For our hotel, HEI booking system is of great importance and its efficiency makes HEI a great partner to rely on for selling the empty rooms in the low season and in the last minute sales.

Alen Prosen, Sales- and marketing manager, Hotel Park Lovran, Lovran

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